Griffats Available!

Griffats Available!

After completing a whirlwind couple of months creating a pile of critters ready for three events in a row; Sydney Supanova, Perth Supanova and Winterfest, I am now back home and getting my poor neglected online store up and running again!

Having made 32 Griffats to field me over the collection of events, I came out of them all with only five left over! This added to the eight and five sold at Gold Coast Supanova and Melbourne Supanova means that there is now 40 Griffats running wild out there in the big wide world! Very exciting.

And now it's time to add more!

Griffats are lovely little critters, rat sized griffons they wont grow any bigger than they currently are, so no need to worry about eventually having to house something the size of a pony! Living on good vibes and compliments they are wonderfully easy to keep so long as you remember to give them pets and some attention.

As Griffats are sold only as the puppet themselves, you are required to supply your own glove. Any glove works so long as you're happy to mildly ruin them for general glove activities in future.

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