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Blue Star Damsel Dragon

Blue Star Damsel Dragon

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A unique one of a kind friend ready for adventure or a chill space to sit and watch the world.
Damsel Dragons are inquisitive creatures with a taste for flowers and garden life. Much like a seahorse they prefer to anchor themselves to something with a curl of their tail, this can be a tree branch, a perch or even a new friend.

Blue Star Damsel Dragons are very fluffy! This double pronged little treasure isn't the sort to back down and once they've found the ideal plant or flower, they're going to fight you for it. Our secret is a little bit of bribery, preferably a sweet of some sort and the aggression will almost instantly disappear!

Damsel Dragons are posable art dolls with wiring through their bodies from head to tail, allowing them to sit on their own or be curled around other objects.

  • Each is individually crafted and one of a kind.
  • Damsel Dragons are not toys and are not suitable for children.
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