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Brown Cloudy Griffat

Brown Cloudy Griffat

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Griffat Hand Puppet

Griffats are rat sized griffons with very ratty shaped booties if you've ever held one.
They are very good companion animals that take minimal care, simply offer pats and compliments and they'll live quite contently.

As hand puppets, Griffats come designed with a sock where their necks are (the reason they look so floppy in photos) and are easy to add to any outfit.

No glove is included with the puppet, instead it is up to the purchaser to find a glove that fits their hand and the outfit they'd like to wear their Griffat with. It is advised to use a glove that you are happy to ruin as they will not work well for general glove use after being modified to use with the puppet.

It is advised not to be too rough with these puppets and that they are not suitable for small children. Small children will also find them difficult to puppeteer due to the design of the neck space that is made to accommodate an adult's finger.
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